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12:00 pm
4/4/201812:00 pm

Meet in the build room after 2nd period (12:00). We'll load into the buses at around that time.

We will be staying at Paramount Hotel Portland until Saturday 4/7.

Information from the event coordinator:
This is a commercial venue that does not allow teams to bring in their own food. Please respect this. There is a very large courtyard area where you can set up team meals. You will need to leave food in your vehicles until lunch time and then pull it out to set up in the courtyard. I was told this morning that the venue will be VERY strict with this rule. Bags will be searched and no food will be allowed. There will be concessions available and you will likely still be able to order boxed lunches if you fill out the form ASAP. If you have special dietary needs, I recommend bringing your own food and keeping it in the car until lunch. Bags at the venue: No bags larger than 14 x 14 x 6 will be allowed in the building with one exception. Participants (students and some mentors) will be given wristbands at check in. If you are wearing a wristband, you will be allowed to bring a larger bag into the venue. The participants will need to keep their wristband for the entire event we will not have additional wristbands to hand out if people lose them.