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2:15 pm
to 2:45 pm
11/19/20162:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Banquet Planning Board Meeting

November 21,2016 from 2:15 to 2:45 PM (30 minutes)



  • Lucas (President)
  • Jasmine (Vice president)
  • Vishal (Secretary / webmaster)
  • Andrew (Treasurer)
  • Neil (Director of Software)
  • Kyle (Build lead)
  • Aayushi (PR manager)
  • Rithvik (Scout lead)


  • Planned to spread word about robotics banquet on December 9, 2016
  • Created a to-do list of things that need to be completed for the robotics banquet
  • Created a PowerPoint for the parent meeting on December 2
  • Encourage parents to
    • Donate money or buy parts for robotics
    • Become a mentor
      • No robotics experience necessary
      • Help us build non-robot parts
      • If your company does volunteer-matching, consider volunteering with us
    • Bring food (we will make a sign-up)
    • Ask employer company to do price-matching
    • Drive people (some paperwork involved)
    • Make sure their children have their field trip forms turned in
    • Support the Spartabots at our FRC competitions
  • Finalized and voted on the Robotics Club Constitution. It was a unanimous vote for the new revision.
  • The constitution is now on the website at spartabots.org/uploads/2016/11/Constitution-11-19-16.pdf.

To do

  • Ask businesses to donate food or money for banquet
  • Boat game preparation
    • Aluminum foil
    • Pennies for boats
    • Tub for boats
  • Get ream of paper for paper airplane game
  • Fix robots, especially the Yogabot
  • Buy raffle tickets
  • Possibly get an Xbox
  • Get a microphone
  • Setup a sound system and speakers
  • Create a background music playlist


  • Plan the design for trifolds
  • Create trifolds
  • Finalize flyer design
  • Print out flyers in color
  • Get flyers approved by ASB and hung up around Skyline
  • Email PLMS teachers about banquet
  • Go to PLMS and advertise
  • Email BLMS teachers about banquet
  • Go to BLMS to advertise
  • Get in E-news
  • Create SPTV video
  • Plan a morning announcement