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2:20 pm
to 3:30 pm
5/26/20162:20 pm - 3:30 pm

Exec Board Meeting

May 26, 2016 from 2:20 to 3:00 PM (40 minutes)



  • Lucas (President)
  • Jasmine (Vice president)
  • Vishal (Secretary / webmaster)
  • Gautam (Director of Engineering)
  • Ajay (Director of Communication)
  • Neil (Director of Software)
  • Jackson (Build lead)
  • Chris (Build lead)
  • Kyle (Build lead)
  • Albert (Director of Fundraising)
  • Aayushi (PR manager)
  • Jeffrey (HR manager)

Not Present

  • Andrew (Treasurer)


General goals


  • Plan for an end of year party / potluck after finals
    • Maybe on Sat. Jun 18?
  • Fix Girls' Gen robot fixed by the end of June
  • Get SolidWorks designs by mid July
  • Get command based programming working
  • Get swerve drive working by the end of July

Preseason (next year)

  • Build robots with new members
    • frisbee robot (rejected)
    • two kitbots for soccer (rejected)
    • everyone builds a robot from scratch (rejected due to not enough materials)
    • Use the two wooden robots with standard tank drive chassis
  • Team bonding
    • paintball (too expensive)
    • party (?)
    • play sports at Pine Lake park (?)
  • Set up a food signup
  • Rewrite the club constitution

Role specific goals

President (Lucas)

  • Work on CAD machine
  • Improve the book

Vice president (Jasmine)

  • Give keys for SolidWorks licenses to build leads so that they can start to learn it

Secretary / Webmaster (Vishal)

  • Post pictures on the website

Director of Communication (Ajay)

  • Email Ms. Overmann of BLMS asking for mentors

Director of Software (Neil)

  • Get in contact with the rest of the programming team
  • Create a plan to educate new members about robot Java
  • Create and schedule a test to determine who knows enough about robot Java to work on the robot

Build leads (Jackson, Chris, Kyle)

  • Fix the robot in time for Girls' Gen
  • Get SolidWorks licenses from Jasmine
  • Learn SolidWorks
  • Jackson: ask for mentors from Beaver Lake Middle School

Director of Fundraising (Albert)

  • Learn about grants
  • Apply to grants ASAP
  • Talk to Steven Annette about grants

PR Manager (Aayushi)

  • Create brochures for Farmer's Market
    • Include that we need donors, mentors, etc.
  • Create flyers encouraging people to join robotics to post around school next year
  • Make a new poster board for robotics
  • Make an SPTV video around 15 - 30 seconds long


Proposed by Ajay and approved with a majority vote

  • Change the "only one exec board" rule
  • Exec board members can serve on the board of any other club provided that their position is not president or vice president
  • The president and vice president of robotics cannot serve on the board of any other club