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10:30 pm
to 11:30 am
8/27/201610:30 pm - 11:30 am

End-of-Summer Exec Board Meeting

August 27, 2016 from 10:30 to 11:30 AM (1 hour)



  • Lucas (President)
  • Jasmine (Vice president)
  • Vishal (Secretary / webmaster)
  • Neil (Director of Software)
  • Gautam (Director of Engineering)
  • Ajay (Director of Communication)
  • Albert (Director of Fundraising)
  • Rithvik (Scout Lead)

Not Present

  • Andrew (Treasurer)
  • Chris (Build lead)
  • Aayushi (PR manager)
  • Jeffrey (HR manager)
  • Jackson (Build lead)
  • Kyle (Build lead)


  • Jasmine proposed a plan for the pre-season to train new members of the club in robotics
  • Prepared a presentation for the first robotics meeting (9/13)


  • Get funds from the Issaquah Schools Foundation
  • Make a Google Form for new members to fill out so that we can get their contact info
  • Update Safety Release form
    • Also put the updated form on the website

Jasmine’s proposal for pre-season

  • Week 1:
    • Present a fun engineering challenge
    • PowerPoint about what robotics is about
  • Week 2:
    • People who come back are actually serious about the club, so take contact info, give them forms, and tell them to pay club dues
    • More in depth info / PowerPoint about how the club runs
    • Start working with the Technic robots - simple challenge such as bowling
  • Software: start teaching stuff (see above info for software)
  • Week 3: Continue work on VEX robots
  • Week 4: VEX robots, wrap up, have "competition". Tell them how the VEX robots apply to our robots, and plan for the next few weeks
  • Week 5: Begin our lecture / interactive style.
    • Lecture: tour of the shop, how to use different tools (basic, mostly to get people interested in building)
    • Interactive: stations / using tools. "Scavenger hunt" for the parts
  • Week 6: Designing
    • Lecture:
      • Brainstorming / whiteboarding
      • Making drawings
      • different types of chassis / drive bases
      • Visio
      • Intro to what SolidWorks does (if they are interested they can learn on their own time)
    • Interactive: split up into two teams, start designing bots for mini competition. Should have a good design by the end of the meeting
  • Week 7: Building the drive train frame
    • Lecture: how to cut c-channel, use bolts (which ones to use, where they are located, both using the drill and the wrench/ratchet), measuring
    • Interactive: Build the drive train frame
  • Week 8: Assembling motors / gear boxes
    • Lecture: how to do it
    • Interactive: do it
  • Week 9: Electronics and wiring
    • Lecture: how the power distribution board works, Talons / CAN Talons, roboRIO, ethernet, etc.
    • Interactive: begin wiring robot
  • Week 10: Electronics and wiring continued
  • Week 11: Attachments
    • Lecture: designing attachments, considerations to make (e.g. size constraints, motors)
    • Interactive: start building the attachments
  • Week 12: Attachments
  • Week 13: Final touches
  • Week 14: Competition