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11:00 am
04/30/201611:00 am

First Exec Board Meeting

April 30, 2016 from 11:12 to 11:53 AM (41 minutes)



  • Lucas (President)
  • Jasmine (Vice president)
  • Vishal (Secretary / webmaster)
  • Andrew (Treasurer)
  • Gautam (Director of Engineering)
  • Ajay (Director of Communication)
  • Neil (Director of Software)
  • Jackson (Build lead)
  • Kyle (Build lead)
  • Albert (Director of Fundraising)
  • Annette (Previous president)

Not Present

  • Chris (Build lead)
  • Aayushi (PR manager)
  • Jeffrey (HR manager)


Summer goals

  • Get CNC machine working / SolidWorks
  • Fix competition robot for Girls’ Gen
  • Organize build room
  • More community involvement
  • Recruit incoming freshmen from Pine Lake and Beaver Lake
  • Put an ad for robotics club in the school newspaper

Build season goals

  • Make a working robot by the end of the build season
  • Better and more consistent planning throughout build season
    • Use time more effectively

Goals for next year

  • Teach freshman building and programming
    • Build leads personally involve freshmen
    • Know the freshmen well
  • Learn SolidWorks (CAD 3D design software)
  • Updating mailing list more often
  • Better PR plan
    • Update website more often
    • Update social media more often
    • Posters of our club throughout school
    • Make an SPTV advertisement for robotics club

Role specific goals

Secretary / webmaster (Vishal)

  • Update all the pictures on the website
  • Add a 2016 FRC competition page

Treasurer (Andrew)

  • Manage and record funds
  • Approve purchase orders

Director of Engineering (Gautam)

  • Oversee build leads
  • Ensure the design is complete

Director of Communication (Ajay)

  • Outreach toward community
  • Set up public relations

Director of Software (Neil)

  • Set up all the Java libraries needed for the robot
  • Organize everything on our GitHub
  • Educate new members

Build leads (Jackson, Chris, Kyle)

  • Report progress on robot to Director of Engineering (Gautam)
  • Oversee subteams

Director of Fundraising (Albert)

  • Send letters to various companies and organizations to get funds
  • Manage annual robotics banquet

The future

Board meetings will be about once a month during the summer. During the build season, they will be more common.