January 11, 2020

We tested the limelight distance calculation The falcons came in and they are very very nice. Build continued working on prototypes for the climber, shooter, intake, and control panel. The cnc... more

January 10, 2020

We started planning the layout of the electronics board and all the pdp outputs.  We began planning the new website Build teams continued work on the shooter, climber, and control panel... more

January 9, 2020

One shooter was tested at a very long range. It was alright The drive tests happened! Results: Grace - Driver Akhil - Coach Vibhav - Operator Anand - Human Player We worked on creating vision paths... more

January 7, 2020

We began testing the limelight masks More shooters were tested and were quite consistent. The climb began prototyping  We started coding a base class for a shooter Parts for the drivetrain were... more

January 6, 2020

Prototyping continued. Each team got a subsystem to work on. The shooter, climb, and intake were decided to be prototyped. Software started updating everything to the 2020 versions. One shooter was... more

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