Our story


During the first two years of the club’s existence (2008-2010), the team had no real experience and very few sponsors. In 2011 the team started with a new mentor, new students and an unheated workspace at the mentor’s residence. There was a lot of confusion, chaos, and unorganized build meetings. Somehow, with limited funding and long nights of hard work in a cold garage, the team was able to pull through and shipped an unfinished and untested robot to the regional competition.

2012 & 2013

After the 2011 competition, many of the team 2976’s members graduated, and the team was left to a very small pool of inexperienced members. New mentors and ideas were introduced. More emphasis was placed on the students developing the strategy and the design. A mentor lectured on design and construction techniques to aid students in the competition and the team created a prototype robot. Parents, mentors, and the students came together to lay a better, long lasting foundation for the club. This led to the procurement of two rooms at SHS, large power tools in one of the rooms, creation of a business plan, plans to create better awareness within the school and community. We received funding from three grants and sponsors. Our 2012 robot was riddled with defects, and did not advance to the qualification rounds of regionals. Our 2013 Frisbee robot was also plagued with issues and indecision from our team. Even so, we learned from our failures.


Our 2014 robot was well-designed with a lot of teamwork, communication, and dedication. Although it initially as we headed into our first district event, we continued to improve it, advancing to finals in the new Glacier Peak District and moving on to the Pacific Northwest regionals in Portland. After the 2014 competition, we emerged as a team with stronger bonds among our members, the community, mentors, parents, and corporate sponsors. Team 2976 hopes to continue on the path to success, and grow our team into not just a team of winners, but a team with skills that can benefit society in the future.


We had another successful year building a robot that would make it to the elimination stage two times. This time unfortunately we were unable to advance past the Quarterfinals both times, and thus did not qualify for District Championships.


We became District Event Winners at the Glacier Peak event when we were called up as an alternate for the winning alliance. This was the first year we used a scouting system, an Android app that we created called ScoutBot.


This is the first year we made binders for an award. At the Glacier Peak District Event, our outreach efforts were recognized and we won the Engineering Inspiration award. Through the EI award, we competed for the DCMP award at the Pacific Northwest District Championships. Our robot was one of the best we had ever built, and we almost qualified for DCMP. We also updated our Android scouting app for the Steamworks competition.


This year, after analyzing the FIRST Power Up game, we decided on building a modular bot. We created modules for doing solely the switch and the scale. The scale mech didn't work out, but we learned a lot from it.

With our switch strategy, we did well at both of our district qualifying events. We went on to DCMP, where we ended up 24th in the PNW district. This was our first year qualifying to worlds and we competed in the Hopper Division, ranking 18th. We were picked by the first alliance, captained by The Cheesy Poofs. Our alliance consisted of teams 254 (with an undefeated season), 148 (best victory spins), and 3075 (now the first Einstein winners from Israel). We went from a team completely new to worlds to champions at the highest level.

Our team is distinguished by our members’ commitment to fulfilling FIRST’s mission of inspiring pursuit and awareness of science and technology within our school and community. In the coming years, our growing team is eager to expand our outreach by mentoring local teams, educating new and potential members, providing opportunities for the public to learn about science and technology,and involving ourselves in the exciting field of robotics.