Exec Board and Mentors

Listed below are the members in the leadership team who are dedicated to ensuring the development and success of the Spartabots, Team 2976.

2020-2021 Club Executive Board

Arnuv Peri President

Shivani Modi Co-Vice President

Felix Zhao Co-Vice President

Vibhav Peri Webmaster Secretary

Abby Artman Treasurer

Kate Selbig Director of Business

Dharshini Anand Awards Lead

Jacqueline Cai Fundraising Lead

Alex Xie Imagery Lead

Mustafa Miyaziwala Director of Software

Varun Ananth Software Lead

Zach Lawrence Software Lead

Archit Singh Director of Engineering

Kush Verma Mechanical Lead

Victor Cheng Design Lead

Dimitri Kalinichenko Frabrication Lead

Andrew Bradley Build Lead

Kevin Wu Build Lead

Lenci Ni Build Lead

Sid Rana Build Lead

Jewoo Yoon Build Lead

Atharv Jain Build Lead

Mentors back to top

Cameron Parker Club Advisor

Haichen Cheng Mentor

Galynne Matichuk Mentor

Justin Buchanan Mentor

Sriram Peri Mentor

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