Our goal is to raise awareness and interest among the people of our community, about our club as well as the field of science and technology. Partnering with community members and local companies will allow us to raise sufficient funds to support our club mission and objectives. Our Facebook page and club website will be valuable tools in creating the exposure we will need in the community.

During the school year our team participates in local elementary school science fairs where younger students can learn about our robotics team. Local community festivals such as Salmon days provide us with a great venue to showcase our club. We stay active during the summer months by manning a booth at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market to raise awareness and create interest in our program. This is a great way for the community to see our robots first hand and have the opportunity to operate them on their own. Summer is a fun time for our team to participate in local parades and get involved in various community projects where we can give back to our community while creating awareness of our club.

To further our mission and grow our club, we have put together various ideas of outreach within our school. We will have a presence on our school website and our Facebook page will connect us with more students and faculty. Morning school assembly is a great place for us to showcase our robot and advertise our club, creating awareness and excitement among our students. Posters and flyers are being designed and posted at various parts of the school to inform and attract new recruits. Our club plans a booth during freshman orientation night allowing incoming students to get a preview of our club. We are also planning an “Awareness Night”, where we will take the opportunity to bring together and thank our school, sponsors and dedicated mentors for their hard work and support. Without them our team would not exist and we would like to show our appreciation by providing a relaxing evening with a presentation of what their contributions helped our team achieve.