Kickoff 2018

Date: January 6, 2018

Time: 9 am - 5 pm

Location: room 1408 and the build room

Number of members: 61


In room 1408, we watched the 2018 Power-Up game animation and the six field tour videos and paused the videos to clarify anything confusing for the team. Everyone split into four mini-teams (Jackson+Kyle+Luke, Nile, Akhil+Trevor, and Shreyas). The freshmen and sophomores on the software team were distributed into the four build teams for the kickoff activities. Jasmine and Ajay then told the teams to identify key metrics and rules and analyze the scoring system. The four build teams each downloaded the game manual to fully understand the game. Some of the build teams went into a computer lab or the lounge. Meanwhile, the rest of the software team also critically read the game manual and created a Kahoot quiz.

At 12:30, the entire team met back in 1408 to take the Kahoot quiz. We then breaked for lunch from 1 - 2 pm.


Each build team then created strategies that optimized points per second based on scoring objectives and established cycle times. Each team compiled their findings into a Google document with a thorough explanation and clear metrics. Then at 4:30, the teams presented their best strategy and as a team, we discussed their success in various game situations.

Team progress

These are the recaps written by each sub team's lead(s) in their Discord channel:

Team Akhil / Trevor

Akhil: We brainstormed ideas for the strategy we should follow. We determined that making a robot that could do the scale and keep control or negate the switches would be the most ideal. We also felt that the robot should have the ability to do most tasks even if it means doing it slowly.

Team Jackson / Kyle / Luke

Luke: Today we discussed several potential robot designs, and eventually settled on completing a simple, low-scoring bot. At the exec meeting following, it was decided that we will be responsible for constructing a prototype climber during the prototyping phase of build season.

Team Nile

Nile: We brainstormed and came up with a bunch of cycle ideas, such as doing both ground pickup to activate switches/powerups and high placement for the scale. Thinking realistically, we narrowed the focus down to powerups and maintaining the scoring switch using the power cubes available on the alliance side of the field.

Team Shreyas

Shreyas: We brainstormed and discussed on possible methods of strategy and settled on a divide and conquer type strategy. The strategy mainly consists of each alliance partner (including us) working in par to control the scale and switch (as well as power-ups).

Software Team

Vishal: Most of the software members were distributed into the four build teams to read the rule book and identify key rules and scoring system. The rest of the software team (juniors and senior) critically read the rule book and created a Kahoot that the entire build team and the distributed software members played to test their knowledge of the rules. For the rest of the day, the software team discussed strategies and possible methods of achieving their goals from the build and software perspective.

Tomorrow, software members will finish updating their computers for the 2018 season and address necessary autonomous and tele-op features.

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