Day 3, 2018

Date: January 8, 2018

Time: 6 pm - 9 pm

Location: build room

Number of members: 26

Team progress

These are the recaps written by each sub team's lead(s) in their Discord channel:

Team Akhil / Trevor

Akhil: We began a wood prototype of the scale arm at the scale that it will be on our final robot. We encountered some problems with the gears that we intended to put on the final bot, and decided that we would have to buy several more before we complete our mechanism for the final robot. By the completion of the meeting, we had finished half of the arm, and plan to refine it and prepare an intake for it at the 1/9 meeting.

Team Jackson / Kyle / Luke

Luke: We continued with the work on our telescopic prototype with the assistance of Nile's team. We finished the meeting with the measurements for our actual mechanism completed, and with the plan to complete prototyping at the 1/9 meeting. Our team finished the meeting with most of the mechanism finished, but we will likely need to wait for the final design until we decide on a carabiner design to use with our final design.

Team Nile

Nile: We continued assisting Kyle's team in prototyping a telescopic climber, and plan to complete design for our intake mechanism at a later meeting when we have a higher amount of students attend the meeting.

Team Shreyas

Shreyas: We continued to prototype the pneumatics clamp mechanism as well as testing it out. The clamp needs few alterations for more accuracy for clamping from the sides of the power cube.

Software Team

Vishal: Mustafa finished a basic drive train using the new WPILib plugins. We looked at CTRE's Phoenix migration guide to migrate old CANTalon code to the new WPI_TalonSRX class. We also found one line of code for obtaining the plate assignment data from the Field Management System for autonomous. A few more software members installed the necessary Eclipse plugins, but some still need to.

Tomorrow, we will collaborate with interested drivers and start working on a custom driver dashboard tomorrow using FRC Dashboard. Neil will begin vision processing code with the Nvidia Jetson TK1. Sometime in the near future, we will write code for encoders (using the new libraries) and attach an encoder to a motor to test our code.

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