Day 2, 2018

Date: January 7, 2018

Time: 9 am - 5 pm

Location: room 1408 and the build room

Number of members: 42

Team progress

These are the recaps written by each sub team's lead(s) in their Discord channel:

Team Akhil / Trevor

Akhil: We began designing for lift designs. We came up with two designs, one a simple arm with foldable wrist, the other a Double Reverse 4 Bar. We then CADed both designs and ended up choosing the DR4B. We then moved to using Tetrix parts to build a small scale mock up. After presenting the design to the team, we moved onto making a full scale wooden prototype. The wooden prototype was begun and is aimed to be finished by the end of 1/8.

Team Jackson / Kyle / Luke

Luke: Today, we began with brainstorming a method of climbing, including a telescopic arm and a single arm. We decided to prototype those two designs, and while both had success, we decided to work with Team Nile to integrate the telescopic climber with the switch scoring mechanism as the scale mechanism would likely be able to climb on its own. We finished the meeting with a somewhat completed CAD drawing of this and a simple telescopic prototype.

Team Nile

Nile: We drew up some possible intake designs involving wheels. Considering the number of orientation issues with the irregular shape of the power cube, we then synthesized wheels and clamps intake methods together with Team Jackson/Kyle/Luke.

Team Shreyas

Shreyas: We started the design process for intake by drawing out designs of a clamp mechanism. We finished our first prototype for the clamp and started the second prototype which include pneumatics.

Software Team

Vishal: Software updated Eclipse plugins and NI suite. Neil created a template GitHub repository and added contributors to it. Software members created a vision target for the switch using 2 in. retroreflective tape and a small sheet of plexiglass (see section 3.9 in the game manual for the vision target specifications). Some members discussed ideas for vision processing for this year's game, including the standard LED camera of years past and also a color sensor.

Software members who have received the invitation to the GitHub repository should accept it and clone the repository to their laptop. Neil is planning on writing code for a basic tank drive and will commit and push to the GitHub in the upcoming days. We will obtain sample vision images for the switch's vision target to start our vision code.

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